Free Training & Job Placement Program.

Fulfil your dream to be an IT professional through this practical oriented project based free training program. Get trained now and pay us once you get the job. Specifically designed for students from tier-2 cities/rural places.

Key Highlights
  • Tier-2 Cities & Rural Students
  • Enrolment based on assessment
  • Technical & Soft Skills
  • Hybrid Training Program
  • Internship & Projects
  • Onsite Training
  • Career Guidance
  • Interview Preparation
  • Job Placement
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Welcome to FTJP

We would bear your training costs. You pay once you start earning.

6 Months intense hybrid training program to transform your from a trainee to an IT professional. Industry-ready course designed and developed by professionals from IIT, IIM & IIIT backgrounds.

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In Demand Courses

Courses from emerging technologies for assured employment. Select a course of your choice and commit.

Full-Stack Developer

HTML & CSS | Linux | GitHub | Javascript | AngularJS | MongooDB | Rest API | NodeJS | Express

A comprehensive course preparing candidates to acquire knowledge and skills to develop software applications and games. Includes project-based learning and internship.

An in-demand course to create independent, market-ready application developers through project-based learning.

Data Science

Statistics | Business Intelligence | EDA | Visualization | SQL | Python | Machine Learning | Dashboarding

Teaching learning based systems, i.e. Data Science, to effectively utilize data to generate insights from it and develop models to solve business problems.

Includes core dimensions of statistics, data analytics and machine learning to prepare them for the emerging technologies.

Embedded AI

Robotics | Hardware | Arduino | RasPi | CV & NLP | 3D Printing | Embedded Sys. | Software

Build career in one the one of the emerging technology. With the latest technological advancements, affordable technology and hardware Robotics and Edge-AI are gaining traction.

Course includes software and hardware modules for right fitment into the job role soon after the course.

Shape Shape

Fair admission through the Assessment

2 Batches per Course

100% Scholarship batches for the grab, based on your rank.

We would select two Batches per course - Avail free training and pay when you start earning. Enrollment into these batches and course selection would depend on your performance in the assessment.

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Enrolment Process

Step-by-step guide from application to job placement. Identifying suitable Candidates to offer Free Training placement services.

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Course Highlights

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Our Alumni are working with

Be part of the successful students who landed in their desired jobs. Our Alumni network is growing and would be glad to support you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this program all about?

This is a job placement program for graduates which includes FREE technical training, soft skill development, internship, and placement. You learn the course for FREE and pay us when you start earning.

Who are eligible to apply?

You should be graduate with Science background (B.Sc / B.Tech / B.Com (Computers) / Any Degree with Math @ Intermediate Level).

What all courses you offer?

We are offering 3 courses : Web Development, Data Science & Embedded AI. Both the courses has job placement program.

Can I opt for any course I want?

Yes. It depends on your rank in the assessments and interview rounds. Candidates with higher ranks could select the desired course.

I am not sure about the Courses, Career path or Assessment?

No worries. Once you submit your application you would receive invitation for orientation & career counselling session. We would also brief you on the selection assessment and how you could prepare for it.

Should I pay after I get the job?

We would train you and help you in getting the job. No need to pay and fee. Once you land in a job we would charge you 2 months salary.

Can final year students apply for this program?

Yes. However, you must take permission from your institution as minimum attendance is mandatory to be eligible to be part of the job placement program.

What is this assessment?

We would be conducting assessment for all the candidates. Post assessment, we would invite the shortlisted candidates for an in-person interview. Final rank would declared after the interview round.

How does the selection happen?

Once you attempt the assessment and interview you could receive your rank. Candidates would be allowed to pick the per their ranks.

Tell me more about the assessment. Will it is tough?

Honestly No. We could check your logical thinking, 10th level mathematics, Basic English, and such to know you better. In the interview we could check for your goals, ideas, etc.

Why two rounds of assessments?

To reduce the cognitive load on the candidates and also to find the suitable ones. In the second round there would be in-person interview so that we could understand candidate better and also identify if someone is cheating/using proxies.

What are the courses/programs available?

We are offering 3 courses: Web Application Developer course, Data Science course and Embedded AI Systems course. Students could select any one of the course as per their interest and rank. Priority would be given to the best rank secured candidates.

Currently I am working. Will my experience counts?

Yes. We would also consider your experience (IT or any other field) as part of the selection criteria.

How do you conduct the training program?

There would be two parts to the training

First 3 months - Hybrid program (online trainer-led + self learning)

Last 3 months - Onsite training, job readiness & internship (Hyderabad)

How many students would be selected per course?

Every course would have two batches. There would be 25 students per batch. This makes 50 students per course. Selection for the course and the batch would be strictly based on the rank in the assessment.

What are the charges for admission into the course?

All the courses are offered for FREE. You will not pay and training charges. We would charge you only once you are placed in the job.

What about the refundable security deposit?

Students of all the courses would pay Rs. 9,500 as Refundable Caution Deposit. Caution Deposit is to ensure that the candidates are serious about the program and also for the material and other stuff provided during the course.

Caution Deposit would be returned back if the candidate could not get job in spite of fulfilling all training terms & conditions.

Is it online or offline program?

It is a full-time course where the program is split into two parts:

For the first 3 months candidate would be given dashboard and attend the course online. Trainers would train candidate online.

For the last 3-months of the training candidate is expected to attend the on-site training program at Hyderabad for project, gap-filling, job-readiness, internship, skills and more.

Do I need to pay anything for the 3 month Onsite Training?

No additional training charges applicable for the 3 month onsite training. However, you must take care of your lodging and boarding.

Office facility usage charges of Rs. 1000 per month would be applicable for all the Trainees during the 3 months on onsite training.

Is attendance mandatory?

To stay in the job placement program you must do two things - Maintain 90% attendance and perform well in the internal assessments.

Please note that it is very essential to teach you technical and soft skills and prepare you for the job.

Explain about the job placement program?

The entire program is job oriented with the end goal of getting job for the candidate. Our Placement team would work with you until you are placed in a job.

What happens if I could not secure good rank in the assessment?

No Worries. We are planning to conduct 3 intakes a year. You could prepare well and re-apply within few months.

What all resources I need to participate in the training program.

Every candidate should have a personal working laptop (I3 and above suggested) with OS and MS Office. We could support/provide other necessary software, access to dashboard, etc. as required for the training.

Can you repeat the entire procedure in steps?

Apply for the program and attempt the assessments.

Select the course and pay the security deposit.

Sign the PLA (Pay Later Agreement).

3M Hybrid Training + 3M onsite training.

Work with Placement officer and get placed in a job.

If failed to secure job even after 6M of the completion of the program and fulfilling T&Cs get the security deposit back. No further charges.

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