Ride the wave by learning the best open-source, statically-typed programming language developed by Google. Build your career in one of the advanced, popular and promising programming language. Go is changing the programming world with its fast compilation, dynamic interfaces, excellent standard library, online groups and more. This easy to learn programming language is widely used in building the scalable solutions.

Course Highlights
  • 8 Weeks , 45 Sessions Hand-on Program
  • 2 Major Project with deployment
  • Placement Opportunities
  • Hybrid Learning Model
  • Certification Program
  • Internship Included
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Online or Classroom Training options
  • Regular or Weekend Batches
₹ 22,000
₹ 25,000
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Go Programming launched by Google is going have its impact on the application development. It is simple to learn, straightforward to implement and easy to collaborate with other developers. You could solve scaling challenges as it has simple feature set when compared with other object oriented programs. Hence, it is easy to learn for a newbie and an experienced developer equally.

Go makes sure that your toolbox is compliable across all the platforms and on all hardware. You could use it to execute command line on your server or monitor the logs or send or manage messages or manage incoming data from various sources and so on with ease. The beauty is that you could replace scripting language with Go. Hence, to build a great career in this upcoming technology it is time to commit to this course.

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This course is specifically designed for the IT enthusiasts who would like to build their career in the upcoming technologies and also for those professionals who would like to upgrade themselves. Post completion of the course you could seek positions in developing applications or products in the field of IT. The course covers all the essential modules to independently work on solutions. Go is deemed to be the new Java as many open-source projects are now being writing in the Go Language. Hence, learn one of the modern and in-demand programming language to place your career on the fastrack.

Boot Camp Learning for everyone

Get projects and hands-on experience to learn the right skills to be a full stack developer. Mentors would guide you through project-based learning to build confidence and skills.


  • Multiple-Technologies
  • Go Language and application Development
  • Hands-on Experience
  • Basics to Advanced concepts
  • Job Preparation with Profile building
  • Internships and projects
  • Scholarship Assessments
  • Knowledge-Skill Pedagogy


  • Learn Go Language, Project deployment and other techniques to be a full-fledged software application developer.
  • Project-based, boot camp method of learning for better skills and confidence among the learners.
  • Basics to advanced concepts covered as part of the course.
  • Deliver industry-ready solutions through full-stack technologies.
  • Participate in hackathons and boot camps to improve your skills.
  • Learn the deployment techniques and cloud computing to deploy your models for general public use.

Curriculum Impact

The curriculum developed by industry experts intends to impart skills to the learners irrespective of their prior qualifications. Learners could master the concepts at the pace they prefer to become full-fledged full-stack developers. The Curriculum supports the step-by-step transformation of the learners while building confidence to handle various business domain problems.

  • Features of Go Programming
  • Features Excluded Intentionally
  • Go Programs
  • Compiling and Executing Go Programs
  • Local Environment Setup
  • Text Editor
  • The Go Compiler
  • Download Go Archive
  • Installation on UNIX/Linux/Mac OS X, and FreeBSD
  • Installation on Windows
  • Verifying the Installation
  • Hello World Example
  • Executing a Go Program
  • Tokens in Go
  • Line Separator
  • Comments
  • Identifiers
  • Keywords
  • Whitespace in Go
  • Integer Types
  • Floating Types
  • Other Numeric Types
  • Variable Defination in Go
  • Static Type Declaration in Go
  • Dynamic Type Declaration / Type Inference in Go
  • Mixed Variable Declaration in Go
  • The lvalues and the rvalues in Go
  • Integer Literals
  • Floating-point Literals
  • Escape Sequence
  • String Literals in Go
  • The const Keyword
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Relational Operators
  • Logical Operators
  • Bitwise Operators
  • Assignment Operators
  • Miscellaneous Operators
  • The if Statement
  • The if…else Statement
  • Nested if Statement
  • The Switch Statement
  • The Select Statement
  • The if...else if...else Statement
  • for Loop
  • Nested for Loops
  • Loop Control Statements
  • The continue Statement
  • The goto Statement
  • The Infinite Loop
  • Defining a Function
  • Calling a Function
  • Returning Multiple Values from Function
  • Function Arguments
  • Call by Value
  • Call by Reference
  • Function Usage
  • Function Closures
  • Local Variables
  • Global Variables
  • Formal Parameters
  • Initializing Local and Global Variables
  • Creating Strings
  • String Length
  • Concatenating Strings
  • Declaring Arrays
  • Intializing Arrays
  • Accessing Array Elements
  • Go Arrays in Detail
  • Multidimensional Arrays in Go
  • Two-Dimensional Arrays
  • Initializing Two-Dimensional Arrays
  • Accessing Two-Dimensional Array Elements
  • Passing Arrays to Functions
  • What Are Pointers?
  • How to Use Pointers?
  • Nil Pointers in Go
  • Go Pointers in Detail
  • Go – Array of Pointers
  • Go – Pointer to Pointer
  • Go – Passing Pointers to Functions
  • Defining a Structure
  • Accessing Structure Members
  • Structures as Function Arguments
  • Defining a slice
  • len() and cap() functions
  • Nil slice
  • Subslicing
  • append() and copy() Functions
  • Defining a Map
  • delete() Function
  • 2 Real-time Projects


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Skills are what we promise – Acquire essential skills right from the preparatory course to interview readiness. Our pedagogy encourages and prepares you for real-life situations. Find the right balance between knowledge and skills through practice.

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As a Python Application Developer, you would be eligible to work on projects that are data-centric, especially in the domains of Data Science and AI. Python Developers would work on the back-end designing, developing, debugging, and managing software applications. Demand for Python Developers is steadily growing with time and these professionals are handling the niche projects along with other developers and making their mark. Organizations are investing heavily in the data related to projects and looking for the right talent.

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Statistics Image
Statistics Image


We believe in encouraging talented learners with Scholarships to avoid the learning hurdles due to financial limitations. However scholarships must be awarded based on the merit and hence our assessments. We would be glad to assess learners using our multi-dimensional assessment to identify the dormant potential and thus encourage them through the learning process by offering financial benefits. To know more you could contact us or register for the online assessment. If you are not clear on the career path in the field of AI, please feel free to meet our career counsellor. We would be glad to guide you through the career options to draft a personalized career path.


Frequently Asked Questions

It’s common to have queries related to the course and future career. We have summarized frequently encountered questions for your ready reference. In case you could not find answer for your specific query, please feel free to write to us.

AI is not new however, with the evolution of computational power, memory and powerful algorithms there are new opportunities to solve many real-life challenges. These opportunities are spread across all the domains, be in medical, space, marketing, education, finance and so on. Hence, almost every organization is investing heavily in AI which is creating many opportunities and these would increase over the time.

This is a certification course and post-completion of the course you would awarded with the certificate. AI-Practitioner is a role which defines a professional who used AI technology to solve problems. Post completion of the course ou would be capable to solving real-life problems hence you could turn into an AI-Practitioner.

Indeed. We have Short and Long duration Programs, Regular and Weekend Programs just to meet the dynamic needs of the working professionals. Even the learners could change the batches, as per the availability to suit their schedule.

There is no domain in the world that is currently not using AI solutions. We have Governments, Law, Healthcare, Banking, Education, Security, Pharma, and many more domains using AI to solve tough problems or increase efficiency or effectiveness. Even we use AI applications in our daily life which made it an integral part of lives.

Projects are part of our course. We encourage students to take up minimum one project to complete their program. These projects vary as per the domain interest for the learner and supported by our mentors. All are projects address problems faced by the industry hence learners try to find solution for these through their projects giving them real-time experience.

AI is subject intensive and includes programming. However, AI is based on learning but not logic. Meaning, there will be programming to read the data, train the model and so on however, not as intense as the typical logic based programming. This reduces the programming load on the AI-practitioner and focuses more on data management and model optimization to solve the problem.

Data Science is a growing field and there are numerous opportunities in almost every domain. You could be a Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Business Intelligence Expert, or a Data Scientist. There are equal opportunities for the freshers and also the experienced professionals. The trends in the job market showcase that Data Science would stay as one of top 3 careers in demand.

You need basic statistical knowledge, logical or algorithmic thinking, and inclination to learn a programming language. These are essential and rest of the skills could be built over time. Communication and writing skills would help you in creating report and when applying for jobs.

Yes. We help learners in getting themselves market ready through profile building, interview preparation, mock interviews, assessments and more. We would also recommend jobs from our IT network and partners, where the industry professionals are looking for right talent.

If you have changed your mind after enrollment for whatever the reason may be we would refund the fee deducting administration and other costs. No questions asked. However if you start attending the sessions then refund is not possible. You could reserve your seat in the future batches.